Monday, January 2, 2012

How Do You Treat Chronic Yeast Infections? - Anyone Who Has Experienced Such Infections?

I have a chronic yeast infection in my genitals and I have been using Nizoral cream for the past one week to treat the infection but there is no improvement so far. Does it usually take time to clear? Has anyone used such cream to treat yeast infection? How do you treat chronic yeast infections?

If you read around on the internet, you will find a lot of people who want to treat and get rid of their yeast infection. The above question was asked by someone who has recurrent and chronic yeast infection and wants to know how to get rid of it. You will find some effective ways in this article that I used to treat my yeast infection and stop it from coming back.

To start with, if you have seen no improvement with your current yeast infection medication it is best to try a different treatment. Garlic naturally kills yeast and fungus. Cut a garlic clove in half and drink in water in the morning, then at night chop a garlic clove into smaller pieces and do the same thing. Do this for two weeks even if the infection goes away. Then after two weeks start taking a probiotic supplement along with oregano oil (2 drops in water in morning and night) you can get these at a health food store. They will prevent the infection from coming back. Take these for 2 weeks also. I also take non-scented garlic pills everyday (one a day) that I bought at the drug store/ Walmart and I haven't had one for 8 months now. If I was you I would try them.

You have to treat your gut because this is where a yeast infection starts. The cream will not work alone for this reason. If you want to try a natural approach you can start with acidophiles yogurt - eat a tub each day. There is also yakult which you drink each day. Try to avoid too many yeast products, like bread & beer. If it doesn't improve after a week, there are many over the counter treatments from a pharmacy, either oral tablets or pessaries. Also, wear only cotton underwear, no nylon till it clears up.

Yogurt that contains live probiotics is effective in treating yeast infections because it balances out the normal flora in the vagina. When you take antibiotics for a bacterial infection (among other causes) it disrupts the normal flora all through the body. To treat with yogurt, all you do is just apply a small amount inside the vagina with an applicator or your hands. I would recommend doing this at night before bed as it could get a little messy.

A good way also used to treat or ease the pains caused by yeast infections is this: Buy the baby wash powder "Dreft" in the pink box and make a bubble bath. Soak every night and as needed to decrease the itching during severe infections. My aunt says they used to tell them to use a small amount in a douche also to ease the infection.

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