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Anyone Used Yoghurt To Treat Yeast Infections? - The Effectiveness Of Using Yoghurt To Cure Yeast Infections

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I heard that yoghurt can be utilized to cure yeast infections in pregnant women, did anyone try it? And what kind of yoghurt did you use, for how long? And did it work? I went to my health care provider many times and each time she would prescribe a gel for it, but the sad thing is that it would just work for some few days. I tried using canesten, Monistat, and taro. I am just stunned that there is nothing which can let it go once and for all, so that's why I'm hopelessly thinking of trying yoghurt. Could it actually work?

This question was asked by an annoyed yeast infection person who's tried almost all to eliminate the infection for good, but nothing has worked for her. There are many women around the world who want to treat and absolutely do away with their yeast infections. If you read across the internet and in health forums, you'll find so lots of people recommending yoghurt as yeast infections treatment. But does it truly work? I attempt to answer that question in this short article.

To begin with, you need natural yogurt not store bought! So you would have to actually make it yourself if you want to put it in there- otherwise eating yogurt isn't going to eradicate the yeast infection there, it can help control Candida that's intestinal. I used vinegar+ water as a douche when i had a really bad yeast infection by doing it in the pool (I do not recommend pool sex) but I wasn't pregnant at the time so I don't know if douching is safe in pregnancy, I suppose it is not.

I tried eating a lot of yogurt, never putting on down there. They say if you take plain yogurt and put it on the outside it can help cure yeast infection but I have tried the 1, 3 and 7 day lotion the doctor has given me and mine still hasn't gone away. At my visit this week I am going to beg and beg and beg for diflucan because it is the only thing to make it go away and after 4 months of a yeast infection.

As far as the yoghurt method for getting rid of yeast infection is concerned, there are diverse views. The truth is that it works, but not everyone has the same results with it. You can put it down there to treat it, or eat it for prevention. You eat it because it contains live cultures that may reset the balance of bacteria that's supposed to be down there. Stick to using the over-the-counter seven day treatment option. My medical doctor said to use the long one because it's milder & safe to use in pregnancy (after the first trimester of course)

So can yogurt really help as a yeast infection remedy for pregnant women? Well I would say this; You should be very careful what you put inside your vagina particularly when you're pregnant. I would say unless your doctor prescribes it don't put it. Stop eating all sugar and carbs for a week and take acidophilus (look for a good quality supplement). Take it daily, thrice per day with food. Your YI will be gone in a week.

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