Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Prevent And Treat Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

Can you prevent and treat yeast infections during pregnancy? This is a big puzzle to so many pregnant women out there. I actually don't believe yeast infections are prevented while pregnant because our bodies produce so much yeast, but if it make you feel better, everyone pregnant gets yeast infection at one time or another and when you see your doctor he will prescribe you something that will make you and your would be baby feel better.

Monistat of course, or some other treatment options can be used to treat yeast infections during pregnancy - just get the clear with your doctor as they (the med makers) want you not to take it without doctor approval because there is a chance it's not a yeast infection but an STD and yeast infection meds will not help that.

Preventing it means less sugar yeast infections during pregnancy, no juices, and eat more yogurt or some probiotic foods. I really have no idea how to prevent them completely, but there are so many ways to manage or better handle them. My OB gave me a prescription for cream to inject every night for a week to help me heal. Eating yogurt can help keep your bacteria down there where it needs to be and can also help in healing a yeast infection. You can also choose to only use Monistat 3. Use it at bedtime for 3 lots of yogurt. Drink lots of water. It should clear it up. If not, see your obgyn. But you should see your doctor first.

I have only ever tried yogurt for prevention while taking antibiotics. I believe it works and I just used normal store bought yogurt. I don't think antibiotics is how they usually treat yeast infections but I heard eating yogurt and cutting down on sweets and sugary food helps because yeast thrives on it. But if your symptoms don't go away in a few days, go to the hospital. Those infections can become serious if let get out of hand.

Avoid dairy products. Monistat you can buy at any store basically, it's not an antibiotic its over-the-counter and it works. A lot of people swear by yogurt or inserting a clove of garlic, Its worth a shot I guess. Also most infections will let up or go away when you get your period because the pH balance changes and yeast find it harder to survive then. Doctor - they will likely prescribe you an anti-fungal, either in a cream or pill format.

A more holistic approach would be to take acidophilus, which is the active bacterial found in most yogurts. Though I don't know how much you'd have to consume to kill enough of the yeast colony for relief. If you ask me, I probably would opt for the pill and then take acidophilus afterwards to rebalance everything in my system for a couple of months. But that's just my opinion.

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