Sunday, March 18, 2012

Are You Suffering From Recurring Yeast Infections? - Eight Best Ways To Cure A Candida Infection

If you are suffering from chronic yeast infections then this could be because you also have something called a Candida infection in your body or system. Once you address this root causes, you can get full relief from your yeast infection and stay clear from it once and for all. It is not that difficult to eliminate Candida. All you need to do is change your diet and start taking some specific natural supplements to destroy it and once that is done, you should go ahead and do some cleanses to totally eliminate it so it won't return.

There are many things you need to start doing and addressing if you are suffering from a yeast infection. To start, do the following:

1. Wear loose clothing and undergarments, oxygen kills yeast, going commando and wearing nothing down there if possible is even better.

2. Get some unsweetened yogurt and rub it onto a tampon, insert the tampon and do this continually until the yeast infection is gone.

3. Cut out any and all sugar, alcohol and yeast from your diet. All three will promote the infection further.

4. Start drinking cranberry juice, pure not from concentrate with no added sugar, I know this goes against the no sugar thing but the acid content in the cranberries will alter the PH balance of your vagina and cause the yeast to die off.

5. If you can tolerate it, use a raw garlic clove and apply it to the infection, this may burn so dilute it with some olive or coconut oil, both of which can also help eliminate the yeast, especially the coconut.

6. You can also try taking some vitamin B3, many women find their infections resolve quicker when they are taking 300mg/per day.

7. Take a probiotic with at least 50 billion live cells per pill, this is key in redistributing good bacteria throughout your body, and effectively end the yeast infection. You must do this continually until you have eliminated your yeast infections and Candida entirely.

8. Lastly if all else fails, begin adding 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to a bath. Only fill the tub up high enough to submerge your genital area. Stay in the tub for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Hope this helps, the yogurt is the key really, by putting good bacteria directly on the area you will eliminate it quickly. Make sure it is unsweetened and ideally keep an eye out for a variation called Kefir which has even more beneficial bacteria in it to snuff out the infection.

When all is said and done I would suggest you research Candida and take a test to determine if you are suffering from it, as anyone who gets yeast infections has Candida, it's just a matter of how bad it is.

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