Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do All Antibiotics Get Rid Of Yeast Infections Or Cause Them?

Recently I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and started taking antibiotics. Before I started the medication, I had no smell - down there - but now I do have a strong and bad smell. Could the antibiotics that I was taking for my Lyme made me to have a yeast infection?

This is a common question you find people ask on the internet. Do antibiotics cause yeast infection? In this article you will find some answers to this, and also find some few effective tips and tricks for treating your infection.

You probably get yeast infections a lot because of stress levels. And it could also be your hormones. Or, maybe you're in wet clothing for a while? Wet clothing in that area makes it warm and moist and then a yeast infection comes along. You can calm down the itching and what not by going to the store and getting medication. Or just go to the doctor and seek help and information from him or her. With that said, Do all antibiotics get rid of yeast infections?

You have natural bacteria in your gut that should keep the yeast under control. If you take antibiotics then you will take these out. Take some probiotics and try to cut down on yeast and sugars in your diet. No, not every antibiotic will get rid of yeast infections. You need to be prescribed something. On the other hand, No antibiotics can in fact cause yeast infections. You may have had a bacterial infection or Std and the antibiotic cured it, but yeast is only cured with antifungal creams.

Once you have this infection, a lot can be done to treat and get rid of it. Cranberry juice is amazing for yeast infections! Drink lots of it or even better get the cranberry vitamins at a local health store. Also up your water intake.

You can also Use Monistat (1 day ovule) to get rid of them and if it doesn't work (I think the package says 3 days) then call your doctor. When on antibiotics try eating yogurt every day, and generally avoid bubble baths and scented soaps and lotions in that area. Try unscented hypoallergenic soaps. Also, my doctor said to wear cotton panties and not to use softener on them when washing.

If you want permanent relief from yeast infections then you need to know the natural treatments for Candida outbreaks.

If you have a yeast infection or want to prevent one:

1. Avoid sugars and complex carbohydrates from your diet as they "feed" the Candida albicans

2. Eat plenty of probiotics like yogurt and cottage cheese. These foods will increase the acidophilus in your system and balance your body's pH levels naturally.

3. Avoid scented bath soaps.

4. Shower immediately after the gym and don't wear a wet bathing suit all day.

5. Don't sleep in pantyhose. The unventilated environment allows for bacteria to spread easily.

6. Avoid sex with a partner who has a yeast infection. They are sexually transmitted.

7. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fiber.

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