Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Do You Get Rid Of Embarrassing Yeast Infections? - How To Cure And Prevent Yeast Infections

There are so many people who get really embarrassed when they have a yeast infection. The truth is; there hardly any reason or need to be embarrassed by this infection. They are caused by a overgrowth of yeast that is present in all of us, usually it is growing because our healthy bacteria levels are down; it happens frequently while we are on antibiotics, especially for a urinary tract infection.

I always pick up a box of the treatment when I pick up my prescription. First sign I get is intense itching and burning in my vagina. Sometimes I see white discharge. It is safe to self-diagnose and use the over the counter stuff. There is a 7, a 3, and a one-day treatment. They all work well; the 7 day is the cheapest.

I like to get the package with a tube of cream to put on the skin in the vaginal area. Lay down for a while after you insert the medication in or up your vagina, or use at bedtime. Empty your bladder first. Follow all package directions. I like to have a package of the medicine in my medicine cabinet at all times because the burning is awful, and what if the drugstore is closed?

Eat lots of yogurt and do a yogurt and warm water douche, which balance your yeast and flora the natural way. But sometimes that's not enough. If you've been on antibiotics lately you can be way out balance and have Candida yeast through your whole body. If you've gotten a wicked sweet tooth along with your itching, this could be the case. You should either go to the ER or you can go to a drugstore like Rite Aid & buy a yeast infection drug.

You should also go to your doctor. Diflucan will usually clear it up very quickly. For guys, (and) I am guessing you are uncircumcised. Try to keep your foreskin pulled back so you can get plenty of airflow. Also, Cataphyll is a very gentle alcohol based face cleanser that will help to keep it dry and has worked very well for me in the past.

To get rid of a yeast infection at home you're supposed to drink tons (and I mean TOOONS) of cranberry juice, and eat cranberries and eat yogurt containing live acidophilus. I read somewhere that you can actually put the yogurt directly into your vagina to help speed up the process but this seems pretty gross to me.

To prevent them in the future you're supposed to eat lots of yogurt containing live acidophilus, add garlic to your diet, wipe front to back when you use the bathroom, and keep your vagina cool and dry. Also, use condoms. Men's penises can have yeast on the flesh, since it prevails in warm, moist environments.

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