Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Do Men Get Rid of Yeast Infections? - How Men Can Deal With Their Yeast Infections

Everybody has yeast on them it's all around us in nature it just can become an overgrowth sometimes and that is when we can get a yeast infection. I sometimes will get one if I am on antibiotics for a long period of time because they kill off the good bacteria too allowing the yeast to take over. There are always a lot of guys trying to know if there are separate treatment options for boy and girls. So, how do men get rid of yeast infections?

The treatment for a yeast infection is the same for guys/men as it is for girls which is to purchase a cream (now tinactin is for athletes foot and is a different fungus so you want to make sure it says on the bottle that it will cure yeast infection) like canastein (it's in the women's products) go to your doctor first so they can diagnose you and they can write you up a prescription for canastein that way the pharmacist can fill you a generic container of clotimaderm which is cheaper.

It takes about a week to clear up since your natural flora is out of balance I would recommend as well taking a supplement of acidophilus/bifidus bacteria (which is what makes up yogurt and is naturally in our guts. It'll help repopulate your gut with the good guys). if you like yogurt look for ones that have active cultures in it and eat lots. BioK in the natural food section is the best I've seen but it's expensive.

Can they just use an over the counter cream like Monistat? He doesn't have any symptoms of yeast infection but I had one and don't want to risk him passing it back to me. He doesn't have insurance so he can't see a doctor unless it can't be treated with an over the counter cream.

Diflucan! It's a pill and it works wonders. Call YOUR doctor and let them know your partner has a yeast infection that he got from you and they can write a prescription for Diflucan. Last time I got it without insurance, it was only $10 at the pharmacy. Diflucan (sp) and Lamacil.

Contrary to what so many people thing, a yeast infection is not contagious. I would get treated and wait to have sex with him until I am done with treatment. A yeast infection in male partners is very uncommon, but if diagnosed, is treated with the same antifungal medications used in women (men usually get jock itch).You should also stop poking your yeast infected partner.

Sometimes your yeast problem is something more than you think. Have you heard of Candida? Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body. You can go to any health food store, I like Super Supplements, and get Candistroy. That will take care of the problem. Because if you just get a cream or get on pills, it won't cleanse the problem out of you. It will still be there.

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