Monday, March 12, 2012

How Do You Cure Yeast Infections In A Male?

In the last 2 days, my boy friend was complaining his penis was a little irritated. We didn't think much of it because we figured it was the soap, which was a problem in the past. But just today, I come to the realization that I have a yeast infection. I bought the Monistat and used it as soon as possible. I already feel better and will continue with treatment. My question is how is a male yeast infection treated? Besides not having sex. Thanks in advance.

As you can discover from the question above, yeast infections are also common with guys. It is not a woman's thing as many people thing. In this article i will give you some few things you can to treat your yeast infection so it does not come back to bother you.

Yeast infections are caused by chemical imbalances in your blood and body that allow yeast to survive. Both men and women can have a yeast infection. Diet is a major factor. A friend of mine had one and she bought some herbal stuff from a shop in Mississippi called Whole Health Connection Ph 601.749.4485. It worked very well for her. A lot of people say male yeast infections are mostly an issue of hygiene. The infection usually grows under the foreskin and can be washed off with a antibacterial soap - would be best.

If you are a guy with a yeast infection, the best thing to do is wash under the foreskin properly with soap and warm water. Dry it up and apply a copious amount of antibiotic cream. You (girlfriend) should have yourself treated too so that he doesn't catch them again, or even vice-versa. get creams for "jock itch" at drug store. If they don't work he can get something stronger from his doctor. Make sure he is keeping his genitals dry - cotton underwear.

Don't use antibiotic cream or antibacterial soap! Yeast is a fungal infection, not a bacterial infection. Antibiotics often cause yeast infections and they definitely won't fix it. Using antibiotic cream would make it worse because it can also kill off the "good" bacteria that lives down there.

Plain yoghurt can work for a yeast infection but you should be able to get an over the counter cream like the one you're using and apply it to his area. Go to the pharmacy and ask. Better use condoms until you're better.

If this is your first yeast infection you should go to the doctor and have them treat it and talk to you about ways to prevent them and to also just check on you, but if this is not your first or you do not want to go to the doctor then just head to a drug store and buy some yeast infection treatment preferably Monistat, read the directions carefully before use and then you should be fine.

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