Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Garlic Slices To Treat Yeast Infection Under Breast- How To Use Garlic To Cure A Yeast Infection

I read from many articles that keeping slices of fresh garlic under the breasts can help treat yeast infection. But none of it says how long it should be left there. I want to know whether it's effective and if it is, how long does it take and also how long the garlic should be kept there? Thanks in advance

This question was asked to us by a yeast infection patient who doubted the effectiveness of using Garlic slices to treat yeast infection under breast. In this article I will talk on this subject and give you good ways to treat and get rid of your infection once and for all.

To start with, Garlic slices under your breast would make you smell terrible. There is white stuff in a tube from the chemists that will get rid of it in a couple of days. Then keep it away by wiping apple cider vinegar under the breasts every morn after your shower. The vinegar smells too, but if you buy it in a two liter container, then it is cheaper than the tube of cream, name of which I have forgotten. If you have large breasts, then the tube only lasts one treatment and it costs about $15.

EATING garlic will help. I've, also, read about putting it on the yeast. But I haven't done that. Just let the area breath. Go without a bra as much as you can. During the day wear a cami and a baggy shirt at night. Try an antifungal cream, can be found in the foot care section at most stores, applied as needed. If it itches, Lanacane cream works wonders on skin yeast rash. Clean the area with a damp cloth, never rubbing with the same side of the cloth anywhere else, before applying more.

Wash with a non-detergent soap like ivory soap and then apply blue star crème. Get antibiotics from target or something and make sure you better your hygiene from now on, drying is very important after a shower, dry your peeped head well.

Apart from using Garlic slices, many people also recommend using Plain yogurt to treat Yeast infection, but As far as I know (opinion and what I've heard, not experience), it is messy and ineffective. If you haven't already, you should probably see a doctor since self diagnoses can be wrong. A doctor can tell you for sure what's wrong and then tell you how to fix it. I would think even over the counter products designed to treat yeast infection would work better than yogurt. If you're sure about the yogurt though, keep everything clean (hand washing etc), no need to make it worse, and continue until the symptoms have resolved, or for a few days after that point to be sure, which probably isn't helpful if you are looking for an estimate, but like I said, opinion not experience. Medicine would be faster.

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